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The Munich Beerfestival 2017 goes from
16th of September - 03rd of October

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New Oktoberfest Poster 2017 - The Official Festivalposter 2017 - Design of the Munich Beerfestival (RAW)

The new October party poster 2017
Design competition ++ new motif ++ infos and pictures

And here it is! The final winners have been fixed and the new poster design for the Festival 2017 ist out now! The official of the City Munich (RAW) have now presented the official "Octoberfestposter". Here you'll find everything about the new new poster and the designers. In addition, of course, a picture of the design.

The official Oktoberfeststein of the years
Collector mugs 2016 | Beer steins from 2017
Shopping Pitcher 2018 | Official Partygifts 2019

Official poster

The official Oktoberfest poster
Already at the beginning of the year, the new "Wiesnplakat" will be presented. The motif is new every year and the design is one year long the "face" (campaign) for the famous folk festival in Munich. We also find the poster-design on all kinds of brochures as well as on the (official) souvenirs 2017 of the organizer.

Designer Duo
The new design comes from a graphic artist duo of two young Bavarian girls. The two students "Sarah Eigenseher" and "Hanna Hodzic" created the winning draught for the poster competition. The two 21-year-old studs study design at the "Technical College of Nuremberg" with focus on graphic design, typography, event design and illustration.

Design competition
During the last years the poster motif has been determined in a "closed competition". This means - the only way to participate was, to get an invitation from the city of Munich. So for 2017 the organizers made some changes. First of all, the competition was "opened" for everyone. This meant everyone had the opportunity to submit their designs for the new Oktoberfestplakat. This was the first opening since 1999.

Online Voting
Also new was, that the festival-fans can vote for their favorites. Therefore all the poster designs were shown on the web for a "Online Voting". At the end of the contest the "Top 30" have been determined on the basis of the user ratings (number of likes). From this preselection, a jury selects the final winners. More about the competition...



Official souvenirs

The new "Festivalposter" can be found on the "Official Oktoberfest-Souvenirs 2017". Official means, that they are licensed from the organizer, the city of Munich. See some of the best items and gifts ideas in our category "Shopping". The most popular are the beer stein and mugs. These are known worldwide and are often collected.

New festival-steins
The souvenir collection 2017 includes the official Oktoberfest Collector's Stein (stoneware). This is a classic Bavarian stone-bumper with 1 liter capacity (called "Masskrug") and decorated with the new event-poster. The stein is available with or without (engraved) tin lid. The lid is high-quality and has every year a new grafik. In addition, there are other steins, beer mugs, tankards, beer glasses and coffee cups available. All with the current poster 2017. Info and shopping in our festivalshop...

Oktoberfeststein 2017 without lid

Official Stein 2017
Stoneware, Made in Germany
New Basic Edition without tin lid
Oktoberfeststein 2017 with engraved tin lid

Oktoberfeststein 2017
Stoneware, Made in Germany
For Collectors with engraved tin lid

Buy official collector's stein online
The new souvenirs 2017 are traditionally available at the end of August or early September. Collectors and companies can reserve their mugs already in advance. Our preorder starts at the end of May. So, feel free to contact our souvenirs-teams...


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Source pictures: New Poster and the map from the city of Munich (RAW)
Pics Steins and Mugs from the manufacturers, Hotelpics from Bold Hotels
Pictures Dirndl and Trachten (national costumes) from Sportalm Kitzbühel
Other pictures as well as all infos and trends of the Wiesnteam and his partner
Fashion information with support of the Munich Dirndlteam and the Trachtenteam

Get everything about the new Munich Octoberfest Poster 2017 (pictures RAW)
Motif of the official festival-party-poster and infos to the design-competition
Pictures of the new Munich Wiesnplakat and infos to the official souvenirs
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