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Joy the Munich Beer Festival from
16th of September - 03rd of October

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Calendar - Events and program of the Munich Oktoberfest

Dates, Appointments and Events
Calendar of the Munich Oktoberfest

Following our new appointment calendar with the current dates and events from the Theresienwiese. We have complemented the official programme of the organizer with some other highlights which also take place in Munich. Please note that all happenings are free of charge. So feel free to come to the events and enjoy the traditional bavarian program. If you are interested, please also note our gay special.

Date Event
Start of the big opening with the parade of the hosts, showman and breweries. In festive carriages they move together to the fairground
At 12.00 o'clock tapping and official opening by Munich's Lord Mayor in the "Schottenhamel". The party starts with the exclamation "O'zapft is!"
The traditional parade of bavarian costume and shooting clubs. About 9,000 participant and musicians walk through Munich to the partyarea
The gay community is celebrating the "Gay-Sunday" in the Bräurosl. To the hottest date of the Munich Beerfestival, all gays are warmly invited
Today is family and children's day with cheap prices and special offers. All Munich Kids and parents look forward to the discounts at the festival
The ecumenical church service of the Octoberfest community in the festival tent. All visitors and residents are invited to participate!
The traditional "Italian weekend". For the next 2 days, half of Italy visits the Theresienwiese and brings Mediterranean charm to Munich
In front of the Bavaria all the music groups and bandsman meet for a "outdoor concert". Various VIPs and celebrities conduct the concert
Next traditional gay event in the calendar - The legendary "Prosecco Party" is celebrated on this Monday. Traditional in the "Fischer-Vroni"
Let's go to the second "Family Day" at the festival area. Even today, there are discounted prices and promotions at the octoberfest ground
This year we have a extension. The beerfestival goes until the 3rd of October (holiday). So we have two extra days on top!
At noon we go to the "Böllerschiessen" (Front loader shooting). Therewith the winners of the Shooting-Competition will be honored
The Party is over! Shortly before midnight, farewell is taken. Next party is the spring festival in April and the Oktoberfest 2018 in autumn

Please note - The extension until Tuesday, October 3rd must be approved by the Munich city council. So, only with the authorization of the council the extension to 18 days is fix and binding. Anyway, it looks good. And so we look forward to a positive decision! Update - The final decision has been made. The extension until Tuesday, October 3rd is now fixed! Thanks to the Munich city council. Now we are happy!



Gay calendar with special events at the Festival
Meetings and parties in Munich

Our gay meet and greet calendar - The following events and meetings are this year the highlights for all gays and lesbians (means homosexual men and women)...

17.09. Gay Sunday
Meeting in the "Bräurosl" on Sunday, 17th of September - Start is at 09.00 am
Gay Party from the "Munich Lion Club" (in German called "Münchner Löwen Club")
Entry only with tickets for registered members and interested guests. More Info...

17.09. Oktobearfest
Gay Bears Party on Sunday, 17th of September - Start is at 10.00 am
Event from the "Munich Bears" in the "Bräurosl". Only for members and friends
So get your ticket now. Start of the party is at 10.00 in the morning. More Info...

18.09. Rosl Monday
Meet and Greet on Monday, 18th of September - See you at 03.00 pm
Free and open gay meeting in the "Bräurosl" beer garden. Go at the main entrance to the right. Treffen im Biergarten vom "Bräurosl Festzelt" (rechts vom Haupteingang)

25.09. Prosecco Party
Traditional "Prosecco-Wiesn" on Monday, 25th of September starts on 01.00 pm.
Gayparty is free and open for everyone. Come and celebrate with the Munich homosexual community! Open Gay Party in the "Fischer Vroni" (beertent)

1) Get all Munich gay dates and more info on "Rosawiesn" (Original)...
2) The Gay-Site "Rosawiesn" in English" (by Google Translator)...

Please note - Original only available in German language. For english information please use the second link with the english translation (site translated by Google)

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