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The Munch folk festival goes this year from
16th of September - 03rd of October

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Dirndl and Trachten - National costumes and Fashion trends - Bavarian fashion and style (Pic by Sportalm)

New dirndls, fashion trends ans shopping
Wiesndirndl und Trachten (national costumes)

New Look - Trachten fashion
Dirndl, Lederhosen (leather trousers) and Trachten (Bavarian national costume) are a real "must-have" at the Munich Oktoberfest. Especially the ladies loves their dirndl fashion! And so most of the Munich residents and almost all Bavarian people come to the Theresienwiese to celebrate in the traditional Bavarian costumes.


Fashion trend or everyday fashion?
Even if the Bavarian fashion the last years get more in focus (and become absolutely hip and trendy), Dirndl and Lederhosen are never "out". At least not in Bavaria. For our "Tracht" is yesterday and today the same. In many places in Bavaria the fashion is carried daily (and is as casual wear part of the everyday life). So we hope, the old prejudice, national costume fashion is only "ancient" or "old-fashioned" is meanwhile refuted.

Trachten in Germany
The Bavarian Trachten is not the only first choice for the Munich Oktoberfest. The triumphal spread of Dirndl and Lederhose no longer ends in Bavaria or at the foothills of the Alps. Even on the many other folk festivals in Germany the Bavarian cult fashion is worn. Where "many" is understated. Because meanwhile "Fashion made in Bavaria" is really to be found on every public folk festival in the whole of Germany.



Popular all over the world

Bavarian fashion? Worldwide!
Even in the fashion metropolis Paris, the king of fashion and designer legend "Karl Lagerfeld" recognized years ago the signs of the time and created a own Dirndl. The result of the star designer however is for Bavarian people perhaps a little be strange. Anyway, Dirndl and Tracht is still a hot fashion trend...

Outfits for Munich visitors
A frequently asked questions remains - how to dress without Dirndl and Lederhose in an authentic style. Understandably not everyone wants to be dressed from top to bottom in a complete national costume outfit. Here you can simply combine some national costume elements with casual clothes.Take a shirt (boy) or a blouse (girl) with "Vichy Karos" (small patterned). Or combine a nice but robust knitted jacket with a jeans and a bavarian scarf.

Crazy stuff
We hope, you can see, the range of looks and stylings for the festival are almost infinite. From minimum to maximum - everything is allowed and possible. In any case even with a small budget and only little effort you can be well dressed. Please note - Only if you think about a "Kangaroo" oder a "Superhero" costume, don't forget, that's impolite (rude). The Munich Oktoberfest don't want to be seen as a carnival party.

Bavarian Fashiontrends

Current Update
The info about the new dresses and the latest dirndl fashion collections are now online. Read the current "Trachten Trends"...
  • Current fashion- and dirndtrends here and here...
  • New colors and trendy fabric pattern here and here...
Dirndls and leather trousers
Also Information about the new "Dirndl and Trachten Fashion" is available on the web. You can find the latest news from the alpine world as well as the most beautiful fashion styles and trendlooks in dirndl and costume fashion on the following sites and magazines...


Fashion Shopping Tips

How to get a cheap outfit?
A nice Dirndl does not have to be too expensive. The web already offers quite cheap pieces and accessories. There you can find dresses in sale and Bavarian discount stores. Another plan is to look for "Outlet-Ware" (outlet-store) or so-called "B-Ware" (thus with small errors). A Dirndl from the second-hand trader is also nice and (almost) always trendy. Here you can score with the vintage charm of the past times.

What length should I buy?
Mini, Midi or Maxi? What is the right lenght. If it is your first purchase try to get a traditional dress with a not too short skirt. The rules for dirndls are...
  • General rule - If you're older, take a longer dress
  • Dirndls always have to cover the knee (means a skirtlenght about 65 cm)
  • The traditional dresses are long, so called Maxidirndl (ends at the ankle)
  • The modern, trendy and younger fashion is a Mididirdl (65 to 70 centimeter)
  • Minidirndl can only be worn by young teens (up to the age of 14 or 15 years)
  • With a long and classic dirndl you're always dressed perfect
Skinny or Chubby?
The good news - and the ultimate benefit of the dirndl-dress - is, that it really fits every girl and women. Means you also look fine, if you don't have a average body. You wear "size-zero" or a "plus size"? Both are not a problem. From skinny over chubby girls up to really big sizes every women looks great, cute and adorable.

Our "no problem" tips!
Tip for plus sizes - the focus should be a nice dekollete. And the skirt ends at the middle of the lower leg. Tip for zero sizes - Skinny women or girls with little breasts take a dute and romantic blouse they can adjust. The skirt ends a hand width below the knee. And don't forget our last rule (see above). With a long dirndl and a classic cut you're always perfectly dressed in Munich. In any case and any situation! Lastly our general statement - wear what you like. If you feel well, you can wear everything!


Bavarian fashion Magazines
Where can I get good information?
Our magazines all around the traditional Bavarian fashion informs you about Basics as well as the newest fashion trends. Our lifestyle magazines are free of charge. And you can use them without registration. Here a small selection...

Mag "Wiesntrachten"
The ultimative magazine about Bavarian fashion at the Oktoberfest. For over 15 years, our "Trachtenteam" report about Dirndl and Lederhosen. Here the national costume is explained quite easy ans basically. As well as you can get the latest trends. With a big shopping area and many offers - from the Wiesndirndl to noble Couturedirndl to Kinderdirndl everything is available. To the Fashion Magazine...

Mag "Wiesndirndl"
The fashion magazine tells you all about the Bavarian costume dress. Learn all from A to Z, joy plenty of styling tips and use the useful guide. And if you don't know a term just look in the glossary. The Dirndlteam also presents the latest fashion collections. Everything about the Wiesndirndl and useful tips for a nice and cute look. Have a look at our dirndl-magazine...

Mag "Wiesnlederhose"
As the name already suggests, the magazine inform about the "Bavarian Lederhose" (tipical leather trouser). Boys (as well as Girls and Kids) get in the web magazine a detailed insight in the world of the traditional leather trousers. From knowledge about the different material and the optimal length to the ideal "look and feel" of the new trousers. Supplemented by a small styling guide and various shopping tips - What has to be considered when shopping. Joy the leather trouser magazine...

Dates, Infos and news
Our pages are always expanded, extended and more developed. Just bookmark them and come back again. Current projects on our homepage at our Wiesnlinks. Have fun on our magazines and a nice time in Munich!


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