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Great and unique - Munich Beerfestival
September 16th - October
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Cheap Hotels and Rooms in Munich - Favorable Accommodation at the Oktoberfest (Pic Bold)

Lodging to the Oktoberfest
Favorable rooms and hotels in Munich

Accommodation in Munich
In addition to reserving a table in one of the large or smaller tents, a visit to Munich also includes the search for an accommodation. The offers in the city and in the surrounding area bring the visitor a lot of possibilities to find a room for the night.

Hotel, boarding house or private rooms?
In the following, we will introduce you to different accommodation possibilities. For further information read the offers or contact our partners. As far as available there are also addresses (for example for youth hostels) or also concrete offers for private rooms. Get more informations (German only)...

Room rates
The deals come directly from the "hoteliers" (respectively from the owner of the house). On top there are "holiday apartments" (apartment) or also "private rooms". If you want to book a bed for accommodation quickly and directly go online. There you can book the "Wiesnhotels" under "Hotel buchen" (means "booking"). The following accommodation options are available for the Munich Oktoberfest...


Beds and rooms - Offers to stay overnight

Offers Hotels - All prices and condition
The classic and the first choice among the most popular visitors has always been the hotel. Here, Munich also has a really big selection - from the "5-star luxury hotel" for upscale requirements to the cheap "Budgethotel" in the surrounding areas.

Offers for young people
For the youth Munich offers some cheap alternatives. However, these offers are always quickly sold out. "Hostel" or cheap "Guesthouse" among other things also with more bedded rooms (Mehrbettzimmern) are under the year especially for backpackers. And so these hostels are also hotly coveted during the Oktoberfest. There are also special "bed and breakfast", "youth hostels" or "camping places" for other young people. More about the youth hostels...

Private rooms
Also private offers such as "holiday rooms", "guest rooms" or even whole "holiday apartments" are available in Munich (and the surrounding countryside). Above all on the Internet and the "sharing thoughts" the private room rental now has its own dynamism. The models range from free "Couch-Surfing" to professional portals that convey paid private rooms for money. More about private rooms...

Pension as a cheap alternative
As a cozy alternative a (smaller) pension is a fine idea to sleep in the Bavarian state capital. These are (often) owner-managed and (often) very cuddly and cozy. On the other side, the pension-owner know everything what the guests do and when they come home. And so many tourist simply prefer the "anonymity" of a large hotel with several hundred guest... More about pensions and Garni...

Couch surfing and sharing
If you prefer to take a look at the life of Munich residents, choose a private room or a guest apartment. There are also offers for "mitwohnnen" (live together) like the "Rent a private room" (Privatzimmer-Vermietung) or also free models like "Couch-Surfing". For those who have no problems sharing a room for a few days with an stranger and his everyday life, ideas like "flat sharing" is certainly a good and cheap alternative...

Camper and mobile home
If you choose a camper-car or a caravan for the way to Munich or who wants to come with his mobile home, there are additional pitches available at the time of the Oktoberfest. The big caravan pitches have very good connection to the public transport (called "MVV" and "MVG"). Our partnermagazin provides further information about the pitches. Parking places for campers and caravans...


Costs by location and distance

The distance to the Theresienwiese is a significant factor for your hotel search respectively for the costs for a room.

Some tourists want to stay close to the fairground. For others, it is more important to get a low-cost accommodation. They accept a longer approach. 3 examples...

1) Hotels near the Theresienwiese
A hotel right next to the fairground brings a lot of advantages. So you do not need a long drive, can quickly make a fresh start and celebrate until the last minute in the tents. Then go home to relax. But of course, the hoteliers want to be payed for the proximity to the Oktoberfest. And so the hotel rooms next to the Oktoberfest are also more expensive. See also our price overview of the Munich hotels after distance to the fairground...

2) Hotels in the urban area
It really does not always be a room next to the festival ground. You come quite fast and uncomplicated with the public transport (MVV and MVG) from each city district to the Theresienwiese. In addition to the well-developed subways and suburban train lines, there are also buses and streetcars (trams) in Munich's public transport system. So you can extend your hotel search and book also in a completely different district. With the publics from MVV and MVG you are from all corners of the city fast in the tents. In addition, the cycle times are increased in the two weeks. Read more...

3) Hotels in the surrounding area of Munich
The surrounding area of Munich is always a good alternative. Especially if the public transport network is quite well developed. This way you can reach the partyarea as well and quickly. However, to get cheaper prices for the room, you have to drive a few kilometers out of the city. The rule of thumb is... For all accommodations in the area of the subway and suburban trains you can not be wrong! Check the location on the map if necessary. The map can be found on the respective bottom with the hotel description. Currently available hotel offers...


Top 5 - Good tips for your hotel search

Also during the Beerfestivals (main season in the city) there are some cheap rooms and opportunities to stay in Munich and the surrounding area. Following the "Top 5 Tips" of our editorial team for your room search...
  1. Book early!
    The hotel room should organized a few months before the beginning of the Oktoberfest or the Munich visit. The autumn is high season in the city!

  2. A lot and cheap!
    The timely search allows not only a larger selection of hotels (quantity), also the offers are better (quality) and the prices are a cheaper. Early birds book better!

  3. No last minute!
    The closer the Oktoberfest comes, the more expensive the prices will be. Means less offers, more expensive rooms. Good last-minute deals do not exist!

  4. To be flexible!
    Try quietly to be more flexible. Too many limitations limit the opportunities. So ask yourself... Do you really have to sleep "vis-a-vis" from the fairground?

  5. Search in the surrounding area!
    Quiet also consider rooms on the outskirts or in the surroundings of Munich. Munich has a well-developed "public transport network". While the two festival weeks, the trains will be increased and the departure times are shortened.

How to use the online booking tool?
On the Internet you will find a good selection of "Hotels for the Munich Oktoberfest". Even some nice tools for online booking. So our booking service is also this year free of charge for all visitors. This means that there are no "bookingfees" or similar!

Read, how easy it is, to use and customize the booking engine...

Instructions for our booking tool
First, set the desired language using the flag. German is the default setting. Then adjust the "date of arrival and departure". Here the opening day (start of the festival) is preset. Next, set the number of "persons" and "required rooms" using the +/- signs. Then click the "Search Button"... Done!

Sort and Book
The search results can be sorted - for example by "price", "rating" or "stars" (recommendations of the user). Click on the respective text in a gray frame. A new click turns the selection to the contrary. If you want to display further hotel offers, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "More Hotels" button.

If you If you have found a suitable offer that you want to book, you can do this directly online and in real time. The database is kept "up-to-date" by our hotel partners. The booking is done via a secure connection (https). So the tool is easy and safe.


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