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Shopping ideas from the great Festival in Munich
September 16 - October 03

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Oktoberfest Souvenirs - Gingerbread Hearts and other Shopping Ideas

Shopping tips from our Oktoberfestshop
Ideas + Souvenirs + Steins + Gifts + Memories

The whole year...
Anticipation is the greatest joy. To sweeten the time till the next festival start, fans from all over the world get their souvenirs online. The Bavarian articles are also given away as gifts. Especially because the Oktobefest lasts only two weeks, you will find the souvenirs also in the rest of the year in the online-shop. In the great Oktoberfest Shop you can find all sorts of ideas and suggestions for original, Bavarian gifts.

At the festival time...
As a tip - online shopping also makes sense during the festival time. Who wants to carry the souvenirs for friends and family happy the whole day over the party-area. It is more comfortable to let deliver the souvenirs home!

Need some gift ideas?
What should I give as a present? In the "Shopping Area" from our Wiesn-Shop you'll find some nice gift ideas. If you can't find the right present yet, use the gift-finder from our partnersite. There are ideas for Madl (women), Buam (men) and Kinder (kids and small children). Or have a look at our gift-ideas. There you'll find nice ideas for different age, taste and gender...

A stein as a gift tip
Our gift tip are the Octoberfest steins. The different mugs and bumper are very popular. And the stein-collectors love them. But also as a present these are a really nice idea. You can buy the new tankards online in our shop (start is in August). Read also the information to our preorder. The preorder period starts in spring.


Official festival stein

Also this year the organizer of the beerparty (city of Munich) publishes a new oficial "Oktoberfest stein" (tankard). Our team has named the annual bumper "Wiesnkrug". Another common expression in rest of Germay is "Oktoberfestkrug". The tankard takes one litre of beer and is made of stoneware (burnt tone). So it's a typical "Keferloher" or "Steinkrug" (bavarian idiom), handmade in Germany.

As every year the bumper is decorated with the new poster design. For collectors the tankard is available with a (engraved) tin lid. Alternatively just the same collector's stone mug is offered without lid. For more information clicks on the respective picture. They are linked with our shop, where even you can order the new editions.

Oktoberfeststein - The new stein bumper without lid

Official Festival stein
Stoneware without tin lid
Oktoberfeststein - The new stein bumper with tin lid

New Oktoberfeststein
Stoneware with tin lid

New Landlord's mug

Since 2002 the landlords produce her own festival stein. Because of the nostalgic- historical decors the mug quickly became popular (and especially liked by collectors worldwide). But also the earthy salt glaze makes the beer mug to something special. From stoneware bumper is named from our team "Landlord's tankard" (Wirtekrug). The mug is made of burnt tone (stoneware) and contents 1.0 litres. It comes again in two versions, with or without tin lid...

New Landlord's mug - New stein bumper without lid

Landlord's Tankard
Stoneware without tin lid
New Landlord's mug - New stein bumper with tin lid

Stein of the Landlords
Stoneware with tin lid

Other mugs
In addition to the above-mentioned collector stein there are other beer tankards in the official "Souvenir Collection". All articles are decorated with the new poster design. You can get various sizes and even beer glasses. And a new Coffee-Cup is also available.

So this year comes a new "Isarseidel". The beer glass with the typical "dents" (german "Dellen" called "Augen" or engl. "eyes") is known from the Bavarian beergardens and from the tents at the Theresienwiese. In the official collection you can get the glass mug in two sizes (1,0 litre and 0.5 litre). But also the steinkrug is available in several sizes. So if the "Masskrug" (1 litre) is too big, take a half litre stein (or a 0.3er). In addition, there is again a new wheat beer glass (called "Weissbierglas") and different shot glasses.

New stein in the shop
Also this year, companies and enterprises as well as collectors can pre-order the new beer mugs from May. Ask in our Wiesnshop. Links for your preorder...


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