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All about the 184th Festival at the Theresienwiese
16th of September - 03rd of October

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Welcome to the Munich Oktoberfest

On our Magazine you will find all around the 184th Munich Octoberfest. Current news as well as an amount of useful base information. Beside the "classics" like dates and appointments, approach and opening times we also inform about novelties, trends and the newest gossip. On top, useful tips, advices and help for the reservation of tables and hotels. So, have fun on our site and a good time in Munich! Let's party!

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Current info and festival news
Tips ++ Trends ++ Calendar ++ Dates ++ Events

Beginning and End
On the 16th of September after the tapping by the Munich Lord Mayor starts the biggest and most famous party worldwide. About 6 million visitors are expected from all over the world. The end is on Tuesday, 3rd of October. So we have two days more in this year. Come and let's party 18 days! All appointments in our Calendar...

Opening weekend
Bavarian traditions have always been a priority at the Munich Volksfest. This also includes the events on which we provide information in our calendar. Happenings like the traditional "Bavarian Costume Move" with 9.000 participants or the "Landlord's Move" on the first weekend are absolute classics and are must-sees for everyone!

Tradition and old customs
We also report about events like the common "Standkonzert" (Stand Concert) of the tent bands at the middle week-end. Joy the yearly taking place ecumenical "church service" (on the first Thursday) or the "Böllerschiessen" (Front loader Shooting) at the end of the "Octoberfest Shooting Competition" of the Bavarian sports protection. Both are in front of the "Bavaria" (statue). Use the Overview of all appointments and dates in English language or our detailed calendar in German language...

Look & Book - Beds for the night
Compare and book directly - Quick and easy with the "Munich Hotelbooking". Favorable hotels and cheap rooms. Check offers...

Reservations - Tables and Seats
Important for all visitors is to fix now their tent reservation. Places or tables in the beer tent (called "table reservations") must be ordered months in advance. All for your table reservation in the beer tents...

Hotel and rooms
Furthermore, guests from outside should fix their room for the night. Because in Munich in autumn is main season. So free rooms in the hotels, hostels and guesthouses are always rare. Get information about available hotel-offers and free rooms on our partnersite. Use the booking tool to save rooms in Munich online...

Children and family
Traditionally every year our team gives useful tips for parents, children and families. Get information of the "Children's and Family Day" (every Tuesday) with discounts and cheap prices (all dates). As well as other discounts and reductions when families visiting the octoberfest. You can also use the "Wiesnhits for Kids" or the "lunchtime offers" at the fairground to save money. Note - the offers and bargains on the so-called "Mittagswiesn" are valid only on workdays and only at the lunch time.

Family Area
Another hotspot for childs is the "Familien-Platzl" (bav. slang for "Families Place"). Thats a corner at the edge of the festival prepared for parents with (small) kids. Here the biggest folk festival in the world is a little bit quieter and and less bustle. Children are especially welcome to feel good and have a nice time. For example the area is ideal prepared for stroller and buggies. On top you'll find free services as a "baby wrap and breastfeeding station" or a "stroller parking area". Get more family tipps...

Quick or detailed info
On our starting page you will find all kind of short information from different topics. So you get the most important facts quick and easy. So it's deal to read with your mobile phone. Detailed information you'll find in the respective sections. So have fun on our pages and a great time in Munich! See you at the great party on the Theresienwiese!


Latest news from the ticker
News ++ Novelties ++ Trends ++ Gossip

English Guide
Lets start! Our Information for English-speaking visitors are available. Read all tips and info from our team also in English language. Joy our "Info Guide" with a calendar, important tips and news. All for your table reservation and hotel booking as well as current news or help for planning the trip to Munich. So feel free to bookmark us!

The party starts!
From fans from all over the world eagerly awaited... Today at 12.00 noon the largest folk festival in the world was opened. In the "Schottenhamel Festzelt", Mayor Lord Reiter, tappes the first barrel with only two powerful hits. At the same time also in the other beertents, the mega-party was started. Since then the beer flows in streams from the taps.The 184. Munich Festival will be held from Saturday, September 16 to Tuesday, October 3. So let's have a beautiful and peaceful time!

Events in the first week
After the traditional arrivals of the hosts and the official opening on Saturday, the visitors will look forward to the next Octoberfest events. On Sunday (17.09) we joy a big bavarian procession. There, around 9,000 national associations of dresses and traditions, shooters and music groups from all over the world move together through the city of Munich to the festival ground. On Tuesday is the traditional children's and family day with discounted prices for kids, parents and families. And on Thursday (21.09) the ecumenical church service is celebrated on the Munich Theresienwiese.

Tickets for the weekends!
Just a dream? No! Our reservation-team offers tickets for the big beertents on the weekends. You still do not have a table-reservation? No problem. Get the "last minute deals" for the opening day (saturday, september 16) as well as the italian weekend (second saturday, sept 23). For more information have a look on our partner-mag "Oktoberfest-Reservierungen.de" (german language only). Let's party and have fun!

Oktoberfeststein - New official festival steins and mugs - Octoberfest Collectors Pitcher The new Oktoberfeststeins are out now!
Today, the new official Octoberfest pitcher was presented to the press. The new steins are available in some days and can be ordered online in the "Octoberfestshop". Click here to visit the shop...

The new beer mug is available in two versions. The "base version" without lid and the "premium edition" with engraved tin lid. Traditionally both are decorated with the new Oktoberfestposter. On the tin lid the host "Georg Lang" is engraved. All information about the new designs...

Round Anniversaries
This year, the oldest beer tent on the Theresienwiese celebrates its 150th birthday. Already since 1867 the Schottenhamel family stands with their "Schottenhamelzelt" at the Munich Beerfestival. And the action "Sichere Wiesn" (means "Safe Festvial") helps since 2003 at the "Security Point" girls and women in danger. So this is the 15th anniversary of the social club. Best wishes from our team!

Order customer gifts
Companies pay attention! Anyone who is looking for gifts for business partners or customers should not wait any longer with the order. Especially for gifts with logo, engraving or packaging the order must now be fixed. So if you need something, feel free to contact our business service...


New steins and glasses
Collectors pay attention! The new beer steins and beer glasses are available! We have compiled you all important information as well as pictures of the current collector's items online. Companies that need customer gifts at a certain date should order in time. Collectors get the new tankards via our collector service.

New hits
Today the novelties of the Oktoberfest were presented. The city of Munich (organizer of the Beerfestival) has submited the new rides, carousels, tents and huts from the party in autumn. In addition to some really cool and fast "high-tech-rides" there are some new (family-friendly) children's-carousel in Munich. The Ochsenbraterei (tent) gets a new building. And there are two beertent-revivals (Schönheitskönigin and Heimer). On top more safety and improvements in luggage storage. Latest news...

New landlords steins - Oktoberfest collection The new beer stein of the hosts
The new "Festkrug der Wiesnwirte" was presented by host and landlord "Toni Roiderer". Also the from us socalled Wirtekrug comes with 1.0 liters content, and quaint historical motif.

Here the dancer "Lola Montez" can be seen this year. The erotic lady was at their time the affair of King "Ludwig I". Only the locals were not amused about this love. On the tin lid of the news tankard the famous "500th anniversary of the Schäfflertanz" (means "dance of the beer-barrel builders"). All steins in the shop...

Prices of the steins
It still takes some time until we get the first Octoberfest-Steins. But we already have good news for you - the prices for the collectors remain stable this year. So you pay only 16, - Euro for the current "Wiesnkrug" (respectively 32, - Euro for the pitcher with pewter lid). And even the fans of the "Hosts-Steins" do not have to dig deeper into the purse. So the economic mug costs 22, - Euro or 34, - Euro for the bumper with lid. Companies and collectors have already the chance to pre-order. Visit our magazines of the "Hosts Beer Stein" and the "Official collector's pitcher"...

Availability of the news bumper
When will the new beer steins be available? The "Collector Stein of the City of Munich" (official Oktoberfest collector's mug) will be presented to the press at the end of August. After this the tankard comes into the shops. Companies and collectors already have the possibility to pre-order. This applies to all other sizes and finishes (such as 0.5 litres, miniature, glasses, etc). Tip - Some mug sizes as well as the host sein can be delivered soon. So if you need something, just ask our team.

Start build up
The construction of the Oktoberfest starts in the middle of the summer. And that's just as well. After all, the biggest folk festival in the world is not set up in a week. Above all, the big tents need their time. Because the "festive halls" are not classic "beer tents". This are real buildings! And so the Theresienwiese is again under construction right up to the festivalstart. And so entering is forbidden for all guests.

Beer under 11, - Euro
Throughout spring, the beer price in Munich was discussed in media and press. The chief of the festival Schmid wanted a fixed price for 3 years. The hosts were not very amused. The last decision had the city council, which finally rejected the so-called "beerprice break" in May. The next question was if the mass beer in the tents would cost over 11, - Euro. In the middle of June they were "unofficially" leaked to see that the Oktoberfesthosts would "brake themselves". So the drinks prices and the mass beer in all tents would be under 11, - Euro. By this "voluntary beer price break" the Hosts wanted to show that they need no official regulation from the management.

Start of the ticket raffle
The city of Munich is giving away a few places for the official opening. As in the last years only Munich residents can participate. Visitors from outside unfortunately can't take part. The tickets for the competition are available in the town hall information in the city-center (downtown). There are 10 x 2 places for the opening day (Sa, Sept 16) in the Schottenhamel Tent. Tickets are valid from 11 am to 2 pm. Good luck!

Lena Hochstrasser - The new Bavarian Beer Queen (Pic by Brauerbund) Lena is the new beer queen
Since 2010 there is voted a "Bavarian Beer Queen". The girl presents for a year the Bavaria's beers all over the world. In May the "Bavaria Beerqueen" was voted for the 8th time. The election consisted of an online voting (pre) and the election of the jury o the evening in Munich.

The 22-year-old girl "Lena Hochstrasser" (lives in a village near Munich) won the competition. The student gave an exciting battle with her namesake, "Lena Therese Urban" who led after the online-voting. In the final the winning girl was able to convince the jury with a lot of charm and knowledge about the bavarian beer. Now Lena has for a full calendar of appointments and all sorts of duties for the next year. All the best!

Beer prices are rising
In recent weeks there have been heated discussions in Munich about how the Party should be financed. It fun will cost more than 10 million Euros. Now the city council has decided that the landlord should pay instead of "fixed stand fees" a "turnover lease" (means a turnover-dependent stand fee). The much-discussed "beerprice break" (commit of the beer price) as well as the "extra day" is now definitely history.

Start of the Spring Festival!
The weather is warm and the spring starts. So the slogan is now "Let's go to the Spring Festival!". On 21.04. the festival begins on the Theresienwiese. You can expect big tents as well as about 100 rides and market-huts. The "Munich Spring Festival" will be open until 7 May. Come and check it out!

Book a hotel room
Visitors from outside should look now for a room to stay. Because in autumn Munich is full of tourists. So every year, in just 2 weeks come around 6 million guests from all over the world. So the rooms in hotels, hostels and pensions are really rare. You missed the best deals? As an alternative, for "Late Bookers" are still private rooms, guest rooms or apartments available. Information as well as good hotel offers and free rooms in Munich xou'll find on our hotel magazines. Check bookings...

Steins and pitchers
The new Festival-Steins are coming again just this year. If you are still looking for some bumper from 2016, you can still find some in the shop. If you are interested in a specific model click on the linked pictures. There you will find current prices and availability of the collector steins. All offers, as long as stocks last.

Official Oktoberfest Stein 2016 - Basic edition without lid

Stein from 2016
Request in the Shop
Official Oktoberfest Stein 2016 - Collectors edition with engraved tin lid

Collector mug 2016
Request in the Shop
Collector Stein of the Oktoberfest Hosts 2016 - Basic edition without lid

Hosts mug 2016
Request in the Shop
Collector Stein of the Oktoberfest Hosts 2016 - Collectors edition with engraved tin lid

Stein of the hosts
Request in the Shop

Tip for collectors
In the Munich Onlineshop you can also request Oktoberfest mugs and glasses from the previous years. If you need something, you can contact the collector service...

Munich first!
In their opinion the Bavarians can do everything better than the rest of the world. And the city of Munich wants to prove this again. This year, the festival should be equipped with a giant sound system. Of course with all sorts of frills. he problem - nobody know how to finance this issue of security. The colossal sound-system is planed for the whole Theresienwiese (including tents, rides, toiletts, etc). Costs in the first year is over 1 million Euros. Estimated total costs in 5 years over 4 million Euro. What a great deal from the festival-headquarter. And very luxurious without money!

How to pay?
The organizer is still looking for money... lots of money. A financing gap of around 4 to 5 million Euros is to be concluded. The big question is "Who should pay this?" The city does not want (and can) not take it. Refinancing by the visitors is unpopular. So the hosts of the tents have to pay the additional costs. Subsequently they are not very enthusiastic. So the festival-chief put some winged words in the room. "This is a revolution of the Oktoberfest" is the new parole. This "revolution" is to be achieved by a "turnover lease from the tents", a "beer price brake" and an "additional day". So the the parties in Munich have a good base... to dispute again. To be continued!

Munich Spring Party
Save the date - This year from the 21st of April to the 07th of May
Already in April there is the first folk festival on the Theresienwiese. To inform about the "Frühlingswiesn" we placed a special for you online. In addition to the dates you also get info about the event-highlights. So joy the free beer at the opening ceremony (Friday, April 21) just as the cheap "Family Days" on Tuesday or the two "Fireworks" in the night. The absolute must-sees are the "Flea Market" on Saturday (22.04) and the "Oldtimer Meeting" on Sunday (April 23). All about the Spring Festival...

Oktoberfestposter - The new official poster New poster out now!
The new motif of the Wiesnplakat in is fix! At the beginning of February the new poster was introduced for the autumn festival. After the submitted drafts have been limited by User-Voting to 30 motifs, now the jury choose the first three places (best off).

Design Teamwork
Two design students from Nuremberg have won. Last year, a "pink poster" shows the popularity of the great Munich beerfestival even for female visitors. That pleased the jury. And so this year the winner's poster is again in rather gentle and pastel colors. Read more about the poster...

Oide Wiesn
After the forced break 2016 due to the "ZLF Agricultural Festival" the nostalgic area (so-called "Oide Wiesn" ) ist back at the Theresienwiese. In addition to the "Festzelt Tradition" we also expect the "Herzkasperl Zelt" and the "Museumszelt". On the other hand it seems, that the "Velodrome" will no longer be approved. The organizer of the festival currently looks for an alternative. So a new "folk musicians tent" is planned.

Let's Party in Munich
Our tip - The time between two Oktoberfests can be spend with many festivals in Munich and Bavaria. So we joy the carnival and the traditional strong-beer time as a "party warm-up". The spring festivals are our start in the outdoor season. This year we do not have to wait long time. Carnival is at the end of February and the first Spring Festivals starts at March. More info and dates...

Reservation start
Without reservations th festival is not really comfortable. Whether seats in the beer tents, a room for the night or souvenirs - all can be booked in advance. It starts with the request at the reservation offices of the festival-landlords. This is best done at the beginning of the year. So you can come on the waiting-lists of the tents. The answer, however, does not come before spring. Why? In May the landlords get their license from the organizer. From this point the hosts can confirm you a binding reservation.

Book hotels and rooms
In order to book a hotel or a room for the night you should start at the beginning of the year. This especially, if you want to get a cheaper rate. Because Munich's hotels become more expensive during the year (called yielding). For backpackers there are some cheap possibilities. Lodging in a guesthouses or a youth hostels can be ideal for young travelers. Camping the first choice for natural guys who look for a bargain. If you prefere a classic room you'll find tips and booking tool on our hotel magazine...



Steins and gift ideas
The new tankard with the current poster motif are not available before summer. Still no reason to renounce for the gifts. Because in the last years there have been many beautiful motifs. Especially if you are looking for a mug from the past years, a certain motif or just looking for a nice gift, our collector's team can help. Apart from that, our business team helps companies and enterprises to choose nice business gifts and presents. Some can be individualized with date, slogan or logo. Inquiries are possible from the end of May. To the shop...

What's about the security?
In 2016 the "Security at the Oktoberfest" was a long-runner. The fence around, more security staff, the prohibition of big bags and backpacks were the themes to talk about. Will everything change this year? For sure not. The topic "Security" will also occupy us this year. The fence, bag checks and rucksack prohibition will be hold. What's next? We will inform you as soon as further plans will be launched.

Design Contest
Traditionally the anticipation begins with the presentation of the new poster at the beginning of the year. This year, everything is little different. It all started with an open poster competition. The design contest has been opened to all creatives. These could send their designs and draughts to the organizer. The contest entries are now online and can be voted by you. So the selection of posters (currently 48) is reduced to 30 designs. From this "preselection", a jury looks for the new winner's poster. This motif comes on the official souvenirs. And of course on the new Festival Stein...

Our Party Tips
Every year the same question. Where to go, when the festival-tents close already before midnight? The answer is quite easy. With the end of the Oktoberfest there starts a lot of parties in Munich (called "Afterwiesn"). If you want to continue the night with original festival beer, roast chicken and pretzel we have the ultimate partytip for you. Joy original "festival feeling" outside the Theresienwiese. Ther you can celebrate from dusk till dawn. Come and dance the night away. Check partytickets...

This year we are looking forward to the return of the "Oiden Wiesn". For this year, the nostalgia area is back on the Theresienwiese. In addition there is a new festival tent. Instead of the "Velodrome", there should be a new "Musician's Tent". So the "Fun Biking" will be banished in a (small) outdoor arena. Anyways - we look forward to the hot partynights at the "After Parties". If you want to dance through the night, you have many possibilities. Our Party- and Nighlife-Information follows in a special in August.

Beginning and end
On the 16th of September, at 12.00 noon (after the tapping by Munich's Lord Mayor) the biggest party in the world starts again. The end in this year is on Tuesday, 03rd of October. So this year we have 18 days to party! Around 6 million visitors from all around the world are expected. Our event calendar...



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