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Munich Oktoberfest Reservations - Tickets Services and Table from the hosts and landlords

Oktoberfest Reservations and Bookings
Book tables and seats in the festival tents

Table reservation in the beer tent
Already months before the party starts, most of the seats in the festival tents have already been booked. In some reservation offices of the hosts you can request seats and tables already at the beginning of the year. So make your reservations in time. For your booking we made a list with the addresses and hotlines of the landlords...

When will I receive a reply?
If your requests is accepted or refused you do not know before spring. This depends on the internal procedures (approvals from the organizer). Only when the landlord finally knows that he can participate and build his beer tent on the Theresienwiese again, your requests can be confirmed. So you always have to be a little bit patient.

How to book...
If you would like to order seats in one of the Beertents, you have to ask each hosts of the Oktoberfest separately for the ticket-availability. There is no "central reservation point" or "central ticket hotline". To inquire the tickets you can use fax or post. The phone numbers can be found in our overview or on the several websites of the hosts and landlords. All about the table reservation...

Seat for small groups
When reserving, please note that seats only can be ordered in whole tables. So, depending on the table-size in the desired tent, reservations can are only made for 8 or 10 persons. What can couples or small groups do? They have to try their luck without reservation. Or they invest a little bit money. Because single seats can be found at the ticket dealers "Ticketshops". In any case the offers are more expensive.

Party without ticket?
What to do, if you dont't get a confirmation for your request? Try to party without! Without ticket-booking, the best festival-tip is, to come really early. Then you have a chance to enter the tent without ticket. Only business people and companies have to pre-order in any case. So try to get something from agencies or ticket-dealers. But be careful. Most prices of offers for Oktoberfest-Reservations on the web are really "gigantic" and absolutely over the top. There you can spend up to 10,000 euros and more for your tickets. Fair prices for tickets you'll get here...


Addresses and hotlines of the landlords
The big tents at the Munich Beerfestival

Festival tent
Order hotline
(Crossbow Protector)
Peter Inselkammer KG
Family Inselkammer
Tel. (089) 237 037 03
Fax (089) 237 037 05
(Augustiner Brewery)
Landlords Manfred and
Thomas Vollmer
Tel. (089) 23 18 32 66
Fax (089) 26 05 379
Fischer Vroni
(Fish specialties tent)
Karl Winter OHG
Family Stadtmüller
Tel. (089) 66 10 42
Fax (089) 65 25 34
(Hacker Brewery)
Host family Thomas,
Anton und Christl Roiderer
Tel. (08 170) 73 03
Fax (08 170) 73 85
(Hofbräu Brewery)
Family Steinberg with
Ricky and Silja Steinberg
Tel. (089) 44 89 670
Fax (089) 44 83 587
Käfers Wiesn Schänke
(Käfer's Delicatessen)
Feinkost Käfer GmbH
Landlord Michael Käfer
Tel. (089) 41 68 356
Fax (089) 41 68 880
Kufflers Weinzelt
(Wine and Champagne)
Weinzelt GbR by Roland,
Doris and Stephan Kuffler
Tel. (089) 290 705 17
Fax (089) 29 40 76 
(Löwenbräu Brewery)
Landlords Ludwig Hagn
and Stephanie Spendler
Tel. (089) 47 76 77
Fax (089) 47 05 848
The Marstall
(Marstall's Tent)
Family Sabine and Siegfried Able with daughters Tel. (089) 312 055 29
Fax (089) 312 055 19
Winzerer Fähndl
(Paulaner Brewery)
Landlord-Family Peter
and Arabella Pongratz
Tel. (089) 62 17 19 10
Fax (089) 62 17 19 19
(Pschorrbräu Brewery)
Host family Renate
and Georg Heide
Tel. (089) 85 72 029
Fax (089) 89 55 63 56
(Schottenhamel's Tent)
Schottenhamel OHG
by family Schottenhamel
Tel. (089) 544 693 10
Fax (089) 544 693 19
(Shooters Tent)
Reinbold OHG by the
landlord-family Reinbold
Tel. (089) 231 812 24
Fax (089) 231 812 44
(Spatenbräu Brewery)
Host family Haberl and
daughter Antje Schneider
Tel. (089) 38 38 73 12
Fax (089) 38 38 73 40

Get more information...
Find out on our tent magazines everything about the reservation in Munich!
That's how it works! Table reservations in the beer tents in Munich. Read everything about the booking-procedure in the Munich Festivaltents. Also answers to the question ... "What should I to do without reservation?". In addition read our tips to get a free seat without booking (German only).

Tips and help
Get a seat or a table in the big beer tents. All info for reservations...



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