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The Munich Oktoberfest this year from
September 16 - October 3

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The new Wiesnbarometer is out now!
Topical visitors forecast to the Beerfestival

Planning assistance for the festive visit
You are planning your trip to Munich? For all who want to know when and how much is going on the Theresienwiese and in the Oktoberfest tents we have put the new "Wiesnbarometer" online. With the visitor forecast of the expected visitor flows on the respective days, you can plan your trip already months beforehand.

Wiesnbarometer - Visitor forecast of the Munich Oktoberfest - Help you planning your visit


What the colors mean

Our "Wiesnbarometer" will help you to assess on on which days the Theresienwiese will be really busy. And on which days and times a relaxed and stress-free visit is absolutely possible. The graphics are selfexplicatory. The simple and easy-to- understand "traffic light system" (red, yellow, green) helps for a quick overview...

Few visitors Green times
Few visitors
It is rather quiet on the festival area
Many visitor Yellow times
Many visitor
The Oktoberfest is well visited
Very many visitors Red times
Very many visitors
The Theresienwiese is very crowded
Too many visitors Red with "+" symbol
Too many visitors
Festival grounds and tents are overcrowded


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Source pictures: Posters and maps of the city of Munich (RAW). Mugs and steins of the
respective manufacturer, pictures Dirndl and Bavarian costumes of Sportalm Kitzbühel
More pictures as well as all information and fashion trends from Wiesnteam and partner
Support for costumes and fashion trends from the Trachtenteam and the Dirndlteam

The idea and design of the barometer are still from the Munich Tourism Office (TAM).
The guys created the "Wiesnbarometer" to make the planning easier for the visitors.
Dates and forecasts are of course updated by our team for the Folk Festival

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